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My Detailed Review of the New Rules of Aging Well – by Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro

Dr Frank Lipman is prolific – and an engaging writer.

As well as his six books, he posts actionable articles on ageing and holistic health over at

His book ‘The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength and Vitality’ is aimed at intelligent beginners to healthy living and longevity. It is a fast and easy read, covering the major topics including food, sleep, exercise, drugs, and mental aspects of ageing.

Lipman introduced mixing Western and Eastern concepts early on. While a section on medicinal mushrooms and mindfulness / meditation crossed over – this book stuck to the standard (Western) solutions for the most part.

Bought to Life with Case Studies

New Rules was brought to life by case studies. Short excerpts covered real examples of patients that benefited from practical holistic solutions. You’ll see how diet changes and stress reduction impact health – even for chronic conditions.

I enjoyed this book.

The ideal audience are people in middle age that want to understand why their health is declining, and don’t (yet) have the symptoms that trigger mass drugs prescriptions from the legacy medical system.

New Rules of Aging Well Lipman Book

My Top Take-Aways from The New Rules of Aging Well by Dr Frank Lipman

Lipman covers healthy aging from many angles in this short book.

The gut microbiome, cellular health and their relation to aging are introduced. Exercise, movement, and muscle deterioration over time are important areas. I enjoyed the section explaining the different longevity drugs, which is aimed at people yet to hear about this field.

After reading so many longevity and health books, my five take aways have niched down.

Some are quirky, others are thought provoking.

#1 – Inverting for Health

I already know one person that swears by going upside-down. This involves laying on the sofa, with legs up against the wall.

Frank Lipman covers this in his exercise / movement section of New Rules. He goes on to describe the health effects of pumping blood in the opposite direction. And strongly recommends inverting as an add-on to a healthy lifestyle.

It was the idea of doing this with a partner – and making a funny experience of it – which made the idea stand out. I’m going to see if my wife will bite on the concept this weekend!

Inverting Legs Health Benefits?

#2 – Normal Blood Markers vs Optimal Blood Markers

The section on normal blood markers for vitamins, minerals and immune function proxies was the most thought-provoking point that came from The New Rules of Aging for me.

Each marker has a range which is considered normal. If your doctor finds you are outside this range, further investigations, supplements, or drugs are used.

Frank Lipman asks what if there is a difference between ‘normal’ and ‘optimal’?

It may be that we are perfectly healthy with 0.03 mg / dl of a specific mineral. Yet 0.7 mg / dl will boost our immune system, strengthen bones, and give us more energy for an active lifestyle as we age.

I have skipped any specifics substances for this take-away because the point is broader than individual markers / hormones / vitamins. Normal might not be optimal for longer, healthier lives. It may not be optimal for unlocking behaviours which benefit us in multiple ways, and it may not be optimal for gut biome health.

Let’s keep an open mind on these legacy levels.

#3 – The New Rules of Aging Well: Your Gut Biome is Key to a Long and Healthy Life

Everyone knows by now that antibiotics ruin your gut biome.

This is far from the only way to kill those crucial bacteria colonies. Sugar, carbs, artificial sweeteners, and psychological factors including stress are all involved. When your gut biome becomes less diversified, your immune health suffers.

While not new to anyone knowledgeable about healthy living, I enjoyed the approach to this topic in New Rules.

Dr Lipman clearly explains that a healthy gut microbiome is not just beneficial, it is crucial to a long and healthy life.

Gut microbiome and longevity

#4 – Add Humour and Treats as You Replace Bad Habits

When you switch to a healthy lifestyle – many of life’s pleasures are left behind.

Wine (more than an occasional glass), sugar and lounging around in front of the TV all need to be balanced with healthy behaviours.

Most books simply tell you to change without considering the psychological barriers. The New Rules of Aging Well acknowledges that we are all human. And that significant change is a challenge (albeit one with a brilliant outcome).

Humour is the key, along with pleasures in other ways.

I love the idea about adding replacement treats like soaking in a hot tub, getting a healthy massage or getting out into nature.

Willpower alone is never enough, humour + alternate pleasures + feeling the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle make for a far better solution.

#5 – Social Context and Holding Grudges

Most healthy living books focus on biology.

It was refreshing to see Frank Lipman end by covering the surprisingly negative effects of loneliness.

This was bought to life by a case study, which involved a vicious circle of inactivity and ill health. Adding friends solved this, boosting motivation, which led to more movement, which triggered the positive effects.

Grudges and anger also affect our physical health. The final part of New Rules addressed this important point. Letting go of past grudges might not be easy, though for a long and healthy life, it is necessary.

Importance of socialising for longevity

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts on my Review of The New Rules of Aging Well by Frank Lipman and Diane Claro

A quick to read, insightful and wide-ranging book – which covers the basics of health span extension for those new to the area.

This is not the book for anyone that wants to dive deeper into longevity science – and it does not try to be. If you could get a copy into the hands of that friend or relative that has yet to see the connection between their lifestyle and health outcomes – that would fit perfectly.

Overall, I loved the writing style. Dr Lipman explains each concept without ever preaching.

Complete it, then make one small habit change, and you will have started a journey which leads to a healthier, longer life.

As usual I will not include a commercial link as I don’t even a tiny amount of money to affect my reviews. You will find New Rules and the other books from Dr Lipman at Amazon.


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