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Welcome to the Age Well Times

Hey, your host Mark here – a warm welcome to the Age Well Times – I’m genuinely pleased you dropped by.

Each year, millions of people hear about healthy aging and life extension research. They understand (many for the first time) that a frail, diseased future is far from inevitable. They go online to delve into the world of longevity, and quickly find bickering academics, snake oil salespeople and half-starved fitness gurus fixated on monk-like adherence to the latest fad diets.

It is no wonder they shrug and move along with their days – unhealthy habits intact.

The Age Well Times is the missing link. Here you will find practical, actionable, and healthily sceptical guides to reaping the huge benefits of longevity science.

Instead of urging you to give up all of life’s pleasures, my guides focus on building healthy aging habits. Just a few simple changes to your sleep, diet and physical activity will boost your energy levels, mood, and immune health.

Once you feel these benefits, taking the next steps will feel natural. You’ll be on the path to an unfrail, energetic future.

This page lists my blog posts. They chronicle my personal journey (challenges and doubts included). I’d be happy to hear from you, whether you are new to the area, or already involved. My e-mail address is mark@theagewelltimes.com

Mark’s Pick

How I Tumbled Down the Longevity Science Rabbit Hole: From Lifespan to the Age Well Times

How the Age Well Times Came to be
I’m excited, and grateful. After all, not everyone gets to take a new direction in life in their early 50’s. Sixteen years ago, I quit my moderately successful corporate career, and learned to write. I’m still learning. Along the way I’ve created websites and ghost-written thousands of pieces for clients. Objectively, it looked like my switch from blue-chip to free-spirit was a success. Yet, something important was missing. During the lockdowns I realised that my work was…

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Red Wine will be the last vice to go

Biological Age Test Worries

My worries about the results of biological age testing. Will my hedonistic past and celiac disease catch up with me?

Habits guide for healthy longevity

Longevity Habits Review 2022

I made significant progress with longevity / healthy ageing habits in 2022 – though as this detailed post shows, there is much work to do!

Longevity Perspective Shifts

Three Longevity Perspective Flips

The more I discover about longevity and healthy ageing, the more times I change my mind – these longevity perspective flips are my top 3…

Collapsed Lung Blog Post

The Day Denial Almost Killed Me

The doctor walked in, said something in Hungarian I did not understand, then pulled out a huge syringe. It was 2014. I was in an intensive care bed with 24/7 observation, in Budapest, Hungary. Tubes sprouted from the side of my chest. A respirator was in my mouth pushing air…
Meeting my Future Self

Meeting My Future Self Part 1

This blog post is an imaginary meeting with my future self, back in time from 2047 – will those longevity habits have paid off?

How the Age Well Times is Organised

Healthy aging is a big topic, it can be sliced and diced in many ways.

Longevity drugs and supplements, food and lifestyle, research breakthroughs and the media all play a part. Turning each topic into actionable habits is a theme that runs through the site.

Whether you enjoy the deep-dives into cell biology, practical guides to building habits, or the more personal side of longevity research – there are pages here for you.

To help you find your way around, I created the broad topic areas listed below:

  • Science: Research into longevity and healthy aging, background pieces on cell biology, heathy and signalling mechanisms, drugs, and clinical trials.
  • Lifestyle: Actionable steps for a healthier life covering exercise, sleep, avoiding toxins and steps to monitor and prevent disease.
  • Nutrition: Everything food and fasting is on this page. This includes detailed discussion on supplements, foods to avoid and the risks of excess fat.
  • People: Books on longevity, popular YouTube channels, podcasts and the key names and organisations in the healthy aging field.

For specific topics, there are two options. The search function is at the top of this page. You can also check out the sitemap, which lists every page.

About the Age Well Times: Zero Adverts Policy

I’m keeping the Age Well Times advert and sponsorship free.

This means no banners, no paid posts, no paid ‘shout outs,’ and zero affiliate links.

This is not to try and be more ‘worthy’ than commercial sites. It is to stop myself optimising for anything except useful content while the Age Well Times finds its place.

At some point down the line, I’ll need this site to pay its bills. When that happens, I will keep things transparent and make a blog post about the changes. In the meantime, no ads.

Let’s Get in Touch: Contacting the Age Well Times

I’d love to hear from you – however you are involved in the world of longevity and healthy aging.

Constructive feedback is welcomed, as are tips on areas of healthy aging I have currently overlooked. If you’d like to share your personal journey, or insights, then do get in touch. If you are a researcher, involved in a related organisation or are working on your own longevity-themed website let’s chat.

But (there is always a but!), I don’t want to hear from the usual suspects that blanket email every website about paid posts, app development or SEO. The answer is no, and I mark those emails as spam.

My email address is mark@theagewelltimes.com

My Blog: Documenting My Longevity Journey

I’m eyeball deep in fine tuning my own longevity habits – and have learned a lot about myself and the healthy aging world over the last three years.

My blog is tucked away here in the ‘about’ section. This is to balance my personal story and challenges, with the more practical / actionable explainers and guides in the rest of the site. I created the rest of this site to focus on you, not me.

You’ll find my background, thoughts on ethics and the current state of longevity science, trials and tribulations (especially with avoiding my nemesis, sugar!), and which habits I’m developing next on my blog posts.

Here are some posts to get you started:

  • How My Longevity Journey (and the Age Well Times) Go Started
  • A Fictional Chat with My Future Self

I’m Not a Doctor: The Age Well Times Does NOT Offer Medical Advice

I’m a writer, not a doctor – and so do not offer medical advice of any kind.

If you choose to take supplements or longevity drugs, change your diet, start a new fasting or exercise regime or change your behaviour in any other way after reading my guides – then you absolutely need to check with a medical professional first.

This is more than just the ‘for entertainment only’ disclaimer – I’m serious.

Your personal health situation and history are unique to you. A key step in moving towards a healthier, longer life is to take personal responsibility, and a big chunk of that is to own any changes you make as your decision.