Longevity and Healthy Ageing
Habits for an Unfrail Future

Extending Your Natural Lifespan: One Habit at a Time

Imagine a future where technology has solved today’s killer diseases, extended natural healthy lifespans – and given older people a fresh lease of life.

The pace of longevity and healthy ageing research means this future is a lot closer than you’d think.

Instead of ‘sacrifice life’s pleasures now, maybe live longer,’ healthy longevity starts with stacking simple habits. Get your sleep, food, and exercise right, and you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs in the 2030’s and beyond. Best of all, those same longevity habits will give you extra energy, clearer thinking, and a more positive mindset – right now.

The Age Well Times is the antidote to snake oil salespeople and half-starved fitness gurus. This site takes the fantastic work of healthy ageing researchers, and translates it into practical, actionable steps.

Start building your longevity habits today, you’ll feel amazing now – and put yourself in the best possible position to enjoy a long life free from frailty and disease.

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Longevity Habits

Habits guide for healthy longevity
Step by step longevity habits that have healthy benefits now as well as in the future. Incremental habits for a decidedly ‘unfrail’ future…

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The Age Well Times is Packed with Actionable Longevity and Healthy Ageing Guides: Here is How Things are Organised

The Age Well Times takes the complex world of longevity and healthy ageing, providing actionable guides and clear explainers.

Here is an overview of the different sections:

  • Longevity Science: Labs around the world are moving the science of healthy ageing forward at a rapid pace. This section covers the breakthroughs and challenges in longevity drugs, personalised medicine, and biotechnology.
  • Lifestyle and Longevity: With 80% of healthy ageing based on behaviour (and only 20% on genes), your lifestyle is key to a longer life. This section covers healthy exercise, the bedrock habit of sleep and how to snowball your habits to feel great right now.
  • Nutrition and Healthy Ageing: Instead of ‘you are what you eat,’ this section of the Age Well Times says you are what, how much and how often you eat. Simple changes in your diet have giant longevity benefits. Supplements are also covered here.
  • People in Longevity: Superstars in the field, healthy aging podcasts, and YouTube channels and actionable take-aways from the most popular longevity books can be found here.
  • About / My Blog: The mission of the Age Well Times is to turn longevity research into actionable habits. You will also find my blog in this section. It covers the personal side of living the longevity lifestyle.

Topics which span multiple sections include ethics. This includes key issues of sustainably longer lifespans, fairness in the distribution of medicines and whether ageing should be considered a disease.

You will find more detail on what is in each area of the site below.

New material is added constantly, so remember to bookmark the Age Well Times today.

Longevity Science and Research

Longevity Science: The Cutting Edge of Biotechnology Research

This section of the Age Well Times covers cutting edge technology, cell biology explainers and the latest breakthroughs in longevity research.

Longevity science is contentious. That is a feature, not a bug. Without challenges, rivalries and fierce debates among scientists, progress would be slower.

It is easy to get ‘sold’ on an eloquently described new theory. After all, we all want a breakthrough that will result in an effortless cure for ageing. I write with this in mind, always assuming that a line of enquiry is only a tiny piece of the overall puzzle.

An uncomfortable truth is that biology is mind-blowing in complexity. We may be decades from a cure for ageing. That said, I’m optimistic. Human clinical trials are underway for drugs which have already lengthened the lifespan of mice. The types of drug interventions, specific drugs and personalised medicine are key areas of longevity science.

This section covers measuring age. This is no trivial task. Epigenic methylation clocks are being used in conjunction with functional measures and other biomarkers – but do they really measure ageing?

Longevity and Healthy Ageing Lifestyle: 80% of Aging is Under Your Direct Control

This section of the Age Well Times busts the myth that you need to give up all of life’s pleasures to live a longer, healthier life.

Becoming a puritanical monk, with no sugar, booze, or fun simply won’t work for all but the most dedicated fitness fanatics.

Yet 80% of ageing is based on lifestyle, not genes.

This is where longevity habits come in. Habits which make you feel great now – and contribute incrementally to a less frail, more energetic future. These habits cover sleep, exercise, avoiding toxins, tracking and more.

You will start with quick wins, building on them over time. There is a tipping point. This happens when those longevity habits combine to make you feel fantastic. The morning you wake up with more energy than you have had in years and a clearer mind is when you’ll be keen to take the next steps.

Those next steps are right here in the longevity lifestyle section.

Longevity and Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Choices

Food, Fasting and Longevity Nutrition

Nothing gets people’s defences up like telling them what they can and can’t eat.

Yet what you eat, how much you eat and how frequently you eat are key factors in healthy ageing.

This section the Age Well Times covers optimising your diet without sacrificing too many of life’s pleasures. You’ll find deep dives into specific foods and supplements, with clinical data to back up all claims. You’ll also find guides covering fasting, time restricted eating and how your gut microbiome affects healthy ageing.

Just like lifestyle changes, there are easy wins available with your diet that will have a measurable effect on how quickly you age. Once you go down the rabbit-hole of how toxic many foods that are advertised as healthy are, you’ll wonder why you ever ate them.

Longevity and Healthy Ageing: Media, Books, Podcasts and Organisations

This section of the Age Well Times covers prominent people, organisations, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels.

Longevity books are a fantastic way to get into the minds of the smartest people in the space. Each book review includes my five biggest take-aways. You’ll find summaries with five key take-aways for the most popular longevity books. They include Lifespan, Age Later and Super Human – and many more.

Podcasts and YouTube channels are fantastic ways to understand the latest breakthroughs in healthy aging science. This section covers my picks, which cover the hugely popular channels – along with up and coming and niche ones.

Organisations involved in longevity and ageing research range from government bodies to charities and more innovative structures like Daos. You’ll find background explainers, and the latest news from websites, organisations, and publishers in this section of the site.

About the Age Well Times (and my personal blog)

I’m already on the longevity habits journey – adding new habits all the time.

This section of the Age Well Times includes the trials, tribulations, and setbacks on the way. I also post about my evolving thoughts on ethics, concerns about risks of novel drugs and hopes for a future where people no longer slide into frailty for the last decades of their lives.