Jimmy Carr on Healthy Aging

Comedian Jimmy Carr has some gems of advice for healthy aging covering psychology, philosophy and habits – my top five here…

Jimmy Carr Diary of a CEO interview take-aways

Cheating Death: Book Review

Detailed Review of Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better, by Dr Rand McClain It did not take long for Cheating Death to answer my key question for each longevity…
Cheating Death McClain Book

Life Force Review

My detailed review of Life Force by Tony Robbins (et al). An epic book on medical tech, which is perfect for the ‘non science’ reader…

Life Force Book Review with 5 take-aways

Peter Attia: Four Types of Death

Peter Attia’s podcast covering the four types of death is moving – and practical. Here I cover death, in all it’s forms…

Four Types of Death Attia

Jellyfish Age Backwards Book Review

Jellyfish Age Backwards is a pop science book which weaves stories and history into hard longevity science – I’m glad I read it, though….

Jellyfish Age Backwards Detailed Book Review

The Collagen Cure Book Review

My detailed review of the Collagen Cure – fact (& citation) rich, it dives into collagen biology and its many pathways, take-aways include…

Collagen Cure Book Review

Ageless: Detailed Book Review

My detailed review of Ageless by Andrew Steele broke my own rules, instead of five key take-aways, it was so good that I added five more…

Testing for biological age vs chronological age