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Get into the habit of pausing to consider portion sizes, not using a default. This healthy aging micro habit is part of my series of 52 ideas

Creatine and Healthy Aging

Mixed results and a contradictory mainstream press create confusion on creating and healthy aging – my deep dive is evidence-based!

Creating Healthy Aging

Longevity on a Budget

A longer and healthier life need not break the bank – my guide to longevity on a budget shows how to stay healthy for free…

Longevity on a tight budget

Cheating Death: Book Review

Detailed Review of Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better, by Dr Rand McClain It did not take long for Cheating Death to answer my key question for each longevity…
Cheating Death McClain Book

Coenzyme Q10 and Longevity

CoQ10 is a health and longevity supplement, my deep dive surprised me. Mitochondria need coenzyme Q10, the difficulty is it getting there…

coQ10 coenzyme Q10 and longevity deep-dive