Metformin and Longevity

Metformin is safe, and effective in treating Type 2 diabetes and many chronic age-related conditions, will it also help with longevity?

Pathways associated with morning UV exposure

Testing Your Biological Age

Deep-dive into biological age testing looking at validity of tests, accuracy, different methods (methylation, glycans, telomeres) and more!

DNA Methylation Clocks test result blog post

Nine Hallmarks of Ageing

Geroscientists use the nine hallmarks of aging for research. Diving in highlights the myriad interdependencies aging biology…

Nine Hallmarks of Aging

VitaDao Introduction

Cutting edge longevity science funding, using a decentralised org called a Dao. My VitaDao explainer has the projects, tech and more…

Building the Age Well Times

Longevity Drugs

I’d love to tell you there is magic pill or combination of longevity drugs that will reverse your age. We are nowhere near that elixir of life – at least yet. What we…
Longevity Drugs