Longevity on a Budget

A longer and healthier life need not break the bank – my guide to longevity on a budget shows how to stay healthy for free…

Longevity on a tight budget

Creatine and Healthy Aging

Mixed results and a contradictory mainstream press create confusion on creating and healthy aging – my deep dive is evidence-based!

Creating Healthy Aging

Coenzyme Q10 and Longevity

CoQ10 is a health and longevity supplement, my deep dive surprised me. Mitochondria need coenzyme Q10, the difficulty is it getting there…

coQ10 coenzyme Q10 and longevity deep-dive

Quercetin and Longevity

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant, mopping up free radicals. Here I investigate the complex links between Quercetin and Longevity…

Coq10 and Longevity benefits

Dietary Supplement Surveys

People spend billions on dietary supplement. Here are my five take-aways from large scale supplement surveys, the why and when…

Extra Omega 3 fish oil anyone

Vitamin D and Healthy Ageing

The Sunshine Vitamin is Vital for Health, But Should You Supplement it? I asked people at random in my office what Vitamin D was for. Everyone had heard of it. Everyone knew it…
Extra Omega 3 fish oil anyone

Omega 6 Seed Oils and Longevity

Omega 6 seed oils get a ton of bad press. After completing my dive into the clinical evidence, I’m relaxed. The ratio with Omega 6 is key!

Omega 6 Seed Oils and Longevity

Zinc and Longevity

I changed my supplements routine after this deep dive into clinical papers on zinc and longevity – unless you are ‘at risk’, Zn is…

Drugs and Longevity

Sulforaphane and Longevity

Sulforaphane + longevity: With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cellular waste disposal properties, Sulforaphane is attracting attention…

Broccoli and Quercetin