Biological Age Test Worries

My worries about the results of biological age testing. Will my hedonistic past and celiac disease catch up with me?

Red Wine will be the last vice to go

Longevity Habits Review 2022

I made significant progress with longevity / healthy ageing habits in 2022 – though as this detailed post shows, there is much work to do!

Habits guide for healthy longevity

Three Longevity Perspective Flips

The more I discover about longevity and healthy ageing, the more times I change my mind – these longevity perspective flips are my top 3…

Longevity Perspective Shifts

The Day Denial Almost Killed Me

The doctor walked in, said something in Hungarian I did not understand, then pulled out a huge syringe. It was 2014. I was in an intensive care bed with 24/7 observation, in Budapest,…
Collapsed Lung Blog Post

Meeting My Future Self Part 1

This blog post is an imaginary meeting with my future self, back in time from 2047 – will those longevity habits have paid off?

Meeting my Future Self